Volkswagen strikes again, gives away interviews, co-driver spots, apps…

Volkswagen Motorsport might be up to their necks in preparation for the final two events of the year, but that does not mean they have no time for their fans. On the contrary, Rally the World have prepared a whole set of goodies for the upcoming Rally of Spain and for the season final in Wales. They were not able to secure a live interview with Sebastien and Jari-Matti, conducted while they’re driving on the actual stages, nor will they have Jost Capito engage Yves Matton in a battle of pétanque, but never mind that, as I just made those up. There is still plenty of great stuff for everyone, just read on.

Andreas Mikkelsen wants 4000 co-drivers

Perhaps you already heard about the inovative idea of decorating Andreas Mikkelsen’s Polo R WRC with images of his supporters and followers. By using specially designed app, fans are able to sign up and add their photo to the collection. Volkswagen reports that each fan was asked to allow their images to be used as a livery of a rally car. Ok, I made this part up, but the fact is, 3999 people will join Andreas Mikkelsen and his co-driver Mikko Markkula on the stages in Wales. I guess images of Andreas’ car will be very popular after the event, so Volkswagen might want to boost up their servers capacity. Another rumour says approximately 90% of the images are from female fans. It’s the Mikko’s effect. If you wish to join Andreas, Mikko and thousands of other fans, click here. There is even a VIP trip to Rally GB for the luckiest among you!

On to the next goodie. This time I’m not making anything up – in fact I’ll let Rally The World team describe it:

Rally on your Facebook timeline

Beating the new World Rally Champion Sébastian Ogier seems impossible. But with the new app Racebook, hobby gamers and rally fans can take on the challenge and race against him. The special thing about this app: the player drives on his or her own Facebook timeline or the Rally the World timeline. Those who beat the virtual Sébastien Ogier have the chance to win a VIP weekend at Rally Monte Carlo 2014. More info here:

Ask Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya (almost) anything!

Moving on to arguably the best part of this goodies pack – a chance to ask the legends of WRC and rally a question or two! The legendary World Rally Champions will be on Twitter and they’ll be answering your questions. Yes, that includes you! Your questions matter. Who will answer them? Why Carlos Sainz and Luis Moya, of course! Yes, THAT Sainz and THAT Moya. Keep in mind that Luis might reply even before you get the chance to send your question, but that’s just because he talks and tweets like that. Fast! Here’s the official bit of info about this Q&A: it’s going to take place on October the 24th, starts at 11 AM CET and will last for about 20 minutes. To join, use #askSainzMoya and follow Rally the World on Twitter, but you already are, right?