Video: Rally Bug in the green paradise, it’s… soothing

Perhaps I am just a bit sleepy, or it’s because the day is overcast and a bit slow, but for some reason I find this video amazing. That little old Volkswagen just keeps going, her clutch slipping, but she’s not giving up. What about the scenery? What scenery, I hear you say. But that’s precisely the point – it’s forest road earth tones set against the neverending supply of green, it just works. You can put on some music and enjoy this mesmerizing travel through the forest, or you can listen to Bug’s engine, do check out this video if you need something to calm you down.

I’m not entirely sure whether the crew actually would be happy to know their rally video is being used as a sedative, but I reckon they would not mind.

For another strange reason, I don’t even miss corners and big slides, or the fact that they take some of the artificial corners very slowly. Maybe I should get another coffee.