Carlos Sainz would like to see Toyota return to WRC

Few days ago we got the chance to ask Luis Moya a few questions, thanks to Rally the World. Carlos Sainz had to delay his chat with the WRC community on Twitter, and it happened today. It was kind of a surprise and I’m sure it actually happened spontaneously so Rally the World had no time to announce it beforehand (or at least I missed the announcement). Nonetheless, Carlos was on top of his game once again, and he delivered in his replies, big time.

World Rally Blog wanted to know whether Carlos Sainz from the 1990s would be competitive against the current WRC drivers. Comparisons are always interesting and fun and the topic of current vs. former often comes up in WRC discussions. Here’s what Carlos thinks.

Second question was about the sport in general. You know how every couple of months we hear stories about new manufacturers joining the sport. Well, lately one manufacturer is mentioned quite often and, coincidence or not, it’s the very same manufacturer that Carlos Sainz would love to see come back to the WRC scene.

You can see other replies by Carlos and Luis by examining the #askSainzMoya tag on Twitter. It really is a very interesting read and we can only hope for more such chats with these and other drivers. Surely Citro├źn and M-Sport can bring another legend or two to talk to the fans.