Kubica in Wales, will he paddle or will he stick?

  • K__rr

    Paddle it’s gonna be.

  • Sorry but no. He was only 3.7 seconds off Evans…. so how is he ‘bloody impressive’? And he’s eleventh on all the first three stages… If he were 5-6-7th place in-between the WRCars then yes… but no.

  • K__rr

    It wont be “the same” DS3 he is using now, it will be Al-Attiyah with implemented paddle shift system.

  • At the time of my post, the rally was only 3 stages in. Just like the first paragraph stated. So I was correct in saying at the time of both this Blog Post and my Comment.

    But yes, fair enough he won by a margin.

    • kpcart

      I notice MattJelonek is a troll on this website I only started visiting today, and have ready many many articles. why do people like this become trolls? it is sad, they should get counselling rather then live in denial and aim to spoil the views of 100 to 1 of his/hers. trolling is a new mental disorder created on the internet, where the poster has safety in anonymity, not like real life. MattJelonek, the sooner you realise Robert Kubica is the real deal, the sooner you will be at one with yourself. seriously, you need to stop this, if you cant take kubicas success, get offline and stop bothering other people, you are not going to convert anyone to your dillusion

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