Robert Kubica does not love nor respect rally? Really!?

  • Rightly put I can say! Robert is a class of his own, and being from F1 will continue to haunt him about the PR exposure and fame it got him. He certainly is committed towards motorsport in general, f1 is his ambitious lifestyle, and rally his hidden passion. Atleast that is what I can portray from his few events. People will continue to rant-out with their point of view, you and I know that, and surely Kubica knows that even better. He is living his life, and rest of us should do the same.. Live our life, the way we want it & spot being stupid to criticise others.

  • Abdullah

    From the way he talked it is really obvious he has no slight interest of rallying! I really hoped Abd Al-Aziz Al-Kuwari would win this title.

    The way he was talking for celebration like its not going to be like his celebration for winning Canada F1 race, and also that he is only happy because the people who helped him to win the title is happy is complete disrespect to them! to his fans, to the sport in general!

    • Mohican

      Who is Abd Al-Aziz Al-Kuwari ?

      • hmm

        yep! Who is Al-Kuwari? He could win WRC2 championship only because he has more money than young competitive drivers like Esapekka Lappi, Hayden Paddon or Pontus Tidemand. That’s why Kubica is not enjoying his victory in this championship – it’s like taking candy from a baby.

        • Sorry, but Al-Kuwari doesn’t have more money than Kubica. Both have TOP sponsors who support their drives. Al-Kuwari gets his support from the Seashore Qatar Team, same with Lotos and Kubica. It’s not a factor of who has more money!
          With this attitude of Kubica, he should be shunned by both rally fans, media and the rally community. He’s not enthusiastic about winning now was he? Horrible to hear!
          Al-Kuwari has the support from his home country and fans abroad and is deserves to have the WRC2 title!!
          Kubica is taking this for granted and I no way, evening being POLISH myself; am a fan of Kubica. No way.

          • asd

            Kubica is simply better and faster, and deserved this title.

            Fans love Kubica.

            I just saw you are hating him on twitter because he won, not Al-Kuwari.

          • I wasn’t hating him. I was questioning the gap time he was given compared to other drivers… 3 mins to 2 mins… it was a question, not a bashing or hatred against the driver. But I have recently found out his gear stick/changer doesn’t give him an advantage but i never thought it did. Surprised it has a delay, yet he’s still so fast….

          • Walsingham

            Geez. If any of you bother to look for some info about RK you’d notice thats just the way he is. He wasnt jumping of joy when he won F1 GP in Canada. He is never 100% happy with his achievements thats why he wins. If you want emotion and cry of happines there is a lot of south american soap operas on tv. Thats his style and you better get use to it because its not his last celebration.

        • Abdullah

          Dude, wake up, this is life and this is WRC. No sponsor, no rally, even if you have the talent, you will need a sponsor!

          It is sad that it has come to this, there are loads of talented drivers out there like the drivers you have mentioned and much more, but unfortunately they got no sponsors.

          This is how WRC, till we have a very healthy financial situation and more teams interested in the sport, things will get better, till that day, find a sponsor!

          • Fernando

            Dude, wake up, this is life and this is WRC.
            If factory team doesn’t want you even with sponsors you are nobody. If two factory teams are fighting for you like they are doing for Kibica – you are unique, awesome and one of the best.

    • asd

      He wasn’t celebrating his win in Canada. He was the same like today. Calm and proffessional. He is not type of jumping in to the air on every winning.

      If he would not have love to rally then he would be racing on circuit, not on rally stages.

      He is a great champion.

    • DMQ

      “I really hoped Abd Al-Aziz Al-Kuwari would win this title.”

      Sorry, but Al-Kuwari in WRC car lost to Kubica in WRC-2 car more than 2.5 minutes (!). Before gravel it was 4.5 minutes…

      Kubica has collected 18 WRC points so far, Al-Kuwari 2 points.

      Al-Kuwari was the first driver with congratulations at Kubica’s car – do you want to say that he don’t know the rallies and don’t respect Kubica?

  • In other news, according to people on Twitter you don’t need a driver at Red Bull, just a great car.

    That said, the Driver’s Champion has been awarded to cars RBx for the last four years.

  • Sorry but this Kubica doesn’t deserve the title.

    • a

      You are funny.

    • Marko S.

      Rally results show otherwise. I’m not getting into your “he should be crying of joy” BS, I just follow results. GZ to RK for deserved title!

  • Trevor

    I don’t agree with world rally blog I agree with other guy the way kubica talked after winning shows a lack of respect to sport and his fans who follow him everywhere this time your wrong world rally blog I agree with Matt jelonek and Abdullah

  • Matir salon

    I think kubica should be more respecting to the fans of rally who follow him. I’m be polish but not happy to I think I like someone else win not kubica

  • Abdullah

    Some people think that we have a personal problem with RK winning the rally. No, not at all, he was the fastest driver out there and he won the title, there is no despute about this.

    Me and others, our problem is his attitude, totaly disrespectful to us, to the fans, to his own team!

    Even Loeb who is used to winning the championship title would show more emotion than this! Raikkonen the ICE MAN, will show more emotions when having a good STAGE result.

    I dont want RK to break in tears, but something in the lines of I would like to thank my supporter, my team…bla bla bla. This is a good step forward, I am looking for more opportunities to rally bla bla bla….. anything like that.. but in a way or another he said to us, screw you guys, I want to get back to F1..

    Find a team who is willing to take you Mr Kubica back to F1, and for sure, I will not miss you!

    • You did listen through the sound file at the end of the post?

      Can you please link some comments or statements Kubica made and which are disrespectful to his fans or his team?

      • Abdullah

        Yes, I have listened. Last 5 seconds “If everybody is happy because the result is good, I am happy because they are happy”

        Again, for 1000000 times, Kubica win was not something out of space, he was the fastest by huge margin in almost all the events he took part in.. so he indeed desereve the win..

        What we talking about is something else!

    • DMQ

      Show me an example of lack of respect from him to the other drivers or spectators or the team!
      He wasn’t happy because he made some mistakes on the SS. Do you realise that he wasn’t happy even when he was second on the podium in F1!?

      Have you seen his behaviour at the finish of Spanish Rally? He was smiling and running left and right: to the spectators, fotoreporters, team members with his champagne. he was there more enthusiastic than after winning his first F1 Grand Prix.
      You should see him when he was second at the Monaco GP!! Then he was very sad and pist off… because he is demanding guy and most demanding from himself. For him second guy at the finish is first looser. He wants to be first and the best – is it wrong?

    • Mohican

      Haha, who are you? I am sure he is not gonna miss you either :P Get over it, a newcomer is quicker and more talented than your Al-Kuwari :) !!!FACT!!!

  • Dott

    Why you mention Paulo nobre I’m am brazililian why talk about paolo like this he’s great guy no, and he pay his way in rally world, why you compare I don’t understand its wrong… I don’t believe anybody say this things maybe you just make story

    • Paulo mentioning was indeed a sad and pathetic move on my side, but I just wanted to illustrate how diverse characters in the sport can be. Paulo was always so excited and genuinely thrilled to be in a rally and I don’t doubt he really loves the sport. But so does Kubica, even if he is not same as Paulo, he does not get emotive but that does not take away from the fact that they both love rallying.

      And love for rally is not expressed in just one way. Paulo drove cars and enjoyed it, even if results were not there. If he decided to invest otherwise, it would again be because he loved the sport. Kubica loves the sport but he wants to excel in it, learn and improve, and he learned that emotions in motor sports are best kept in check.

  • Miszcz
  • Radek

    Look at this photo:
    Look at the wrist.
    Yeah, no love to rallying…

  • Vlad torsov

    I think the article be a bit silly with silly points well done on title but, I don’t like to see someone talk about f1 after win rally it’s not fair to fans and paolo nobre is a nice guy I don’t mind what you say

    • DMQ

      He is getting questions about F1 so – he is answering. He even said – let’s don’t talk about F1 when we are on rally, please.

  • Ewa

    WTF is about ?all those ignorants even didn’t bother to get to know him they have opinion about him now?!OMG

  • DMQ

    Come on!!
    He don’t love rally?
    Then why he forced Renault in the F1 contract to allow him do rally between F1 GPs?
    Then why he was National Champion of Poland in virtual Rally? (Richard Burns)
    Then why he has his own Renault Clio?
    Then why he tried luck as “0” in polish rallies at 2004 (or 2005?)
    Then why he put his life and health on risk on small rally at Italy?
    Then whe all his colleagues-drivers are saying that he LOVES rallye a lot!?

    Ho don’t respect rally?
    Then why all his colleagues-drivers are saying that he was respecting them whe he was rallying between F1 GPs – even junior guys. No head in the clouds, no cocking his nose, no barrier “I’m from 3 best F1 drivers, stay away” ?
    Then why he is respecting spectators and spending time talking to them and explaining how to get over some particular corner?
    Then why he is respecting all drivers and saying that he have to learn a lot?
    Then why he is saying that he don’t want to be just useless noob in WRC team, but he want’s to deliver speed and the quality. If not – he will not join factory team.
    these are huge words of respect !!!!!!

    BTW – he was allways calm and steady. Even after winning F1 GP he didn’t jump up screaming and crying. After ceremony he took a walk over the track and was making notes where he made mistakes and where he could drive better.
    Renauls engineers said thet he was a titan of work. He was pushing whole factory further and further by giving best examples of hard work. he was spending hours and hours with his race engineer and checking telemetry to find how to be better and quicker.

    He has to leave his parents and country as 13-years old boy and live at the Italy, in the garage just to have a chance to compete with best gocart drivers in the world.
    He joined F1 WITHOUT sponsorship! Just for his tallent! It was only such case in last 20 years.

    WRC should be happy and proud that he want’s to join them!

  • Ewa

    absolutely right! every single word!

  • Jacob man

    This is stupid article why not talk about kubica winning not other people think.

  • Jacob man

    You miss the point we don’t mind if he don’t jump around and cry, we just don’t like someone talking about f1 after win title it shows lack of respect to sport. FACT get it now.

    • Carloz

      No it’s not a lack of respect. He wants to be the first person to become F1 and WRC champ. This is just a step in this process, and as of yet it is not clear in which order and how he’ll be able to achieve it.

      FACT, get it now: this guy is not about making show, he delivers the results. You probably like Novikov, but have you ever seen him get crazily happy? Not everyone has to be Solberg in terms of hollywood’ism.

    • DMQ

      @Jacob man – you are pathetic…
      “talking about f1 after win title it shows lack of respect to sport.” it is your opinion about something, not FACT!
      This is first point, second is – he was asked about F1 and didn’t start this. FACT get it now.

  • Carloz

    Well, I thought that it was only Poland, where some people would still not be satisfied with what this man has already achieved in rallying. He is still a disabled person and will probably never get to full fitness again and whatever he drives, he’s up to pace wtih the front runners in an instant. But I guess that even claiming the world title in both disciplines, WRC and F1, will leave some of internet dumbfucks, who haven’t even attended a rally once, unsatisfied. It just goes to show how stupid and irrational the claims of internet disputants are.

    Good job in writing this article, hopefully some of the morons will be able to understand how exceptionally good this guy is. He’s not about showing off, he doesn’t dye his hair or run around happy with the finger pointing out. Even in Canada he knew he did not win out of pure pace, it was a crazy race after all, and he came victorious due to the circumstances. Just a statistical phenomenon. I bet he values his podium in Monaco in Renault much higher.

    Wait for the next season in WRC, let him drive a top spec WRC car for the whole year and then compare it to Kimi’s debut season in 2010. Then you’ll see where the difference lies and how big it is.

  • jacek z polski

    nie znacie Roberta , on nigdy nie jest zadowolony z siebie ani ze sprzetu którym dysponuje, jak wygrywa z przewaga 5 minut to mówi że popełnił kilka błędów i powinien wygrac z przewaga 10 ,piszecie o zmianie biegów ale nie piszecie że prowadzi samochód praktycznie jedna reką a przez hydrauliczna zmiane biegów ma problemy z hamulcem recznym( raz działa raz nie). Robert nawet jak bedzie mistrzem w F1 to powie że mogł jechac lepiej, taki juz jest.

  • kpcart

    the haters did not see this video from Sunday, he looks pretty happy to me!
    look at his hand in the video, what a talent he is to drive so well with the limitation. Kubica is a natural star, he knows he can be achieving so much more, and will do in the next couple of years, most likely in wrc. lets see the haters response next year when he is finishing on the podium in WRC and still not looking over the moon. why should he? he has come from an accident where he lost 5 litres of blood in the incident, nearly had his hand amputated, has had about 15 operations since, has prosthetics in his elbow – an accident that cost him a seat at Ferrari in f1. his happiness is inside him, he is not an extrovert, even when he won a race in F1, he did not celebrate hard, instead he talked about where he can improve.
    it will be funny if he beats the top drivers and shows little emotion, that will be a killer blow to the haters!

  • bartek
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