Videos: Rallye du Condroz Huy, beautiful mud, glorious dirt

“Are we safe, standing 10 meters away from the narrow tarmac road, on the outside of a fast corner that is covered with wet dirt and mud? Well of course we are! 10 meters is, like, a lightyear away.”

Rallye du Condroz Huy in Belgium was quite special this year. Weather tried hard to ruin everyone’s fun, but neither crews nor spectators would have any of it. There was fun to be had out there in the muddy fields of Belgium, and they had it.

According to official sources, stars of the show were Sebastien Loeb and his wife Severine. Of course, they won the event. Daniel Elena was also on duty, but instead of reading pace notes to Sebastien, he jumped into another car, driven by none other than Citroën Racing boss Yves Matton.

But were they the biggest stars of this event? I’d like to think so, but my heart goes out to the spectators. They braved the ugly weather with a smile and in return they were treated to some fine driving and even finer survival skills on the treacherous roads.

Of course, spectators are spectators – they have their ideas and “ideas” when it comes to safe spots. As you will see in first video below, few of them were bloody lucky not to end up buried in the mud with a rally car on top of them. As always, common sense and elementary physics are your best advisors.

Here are some of the videos from the event. World Rally Blog’s friend Dre Galiart was there too and he was preparing a nice collection of photos, but unfortunately he lost memory cards with photos. I do hope someone actually found those cards and will be in contact with Dre soon.