Three years, three teams – Neuville switches to Hyundai

  • Matthew

    But why you are still writing that Citroen in 2014 will be such “manufacturer” team like M-Sport this year?
    Everyone knows that Citroen will be in WRC next year and the World Rally Team will be supported by Citroen! Read carefully words said by Matton. He said that Citroen will be next year and it won’t be Abu Dhabi World Rally Team, but Citroen World Rally Team!
    I don’t understand your worries. Thanks to Abu Dhabi, they have enough money for both WTCC and WRC and their contract is up to 2015. Bu they can extend it for next two years.
    OK, their future is not as safe as it is when it comes to Hyundai or VW, but next year they will be truly manufacturer team, I’m sure.

    • If that is indeed the case, then I am very happy for Citroën! I admit I missed the bit where Y. Matton said team will not adopt the same system M-Sport is using, so if he did – great!

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