FIA is silent, Red Bull is absent, Volkswagen is angry and Monte Carlo is close

You know how you don’t have any idea about the recent World Rally Championship Commission (WRCC) meeting? But it did happen. Why don’t we know anything about it? Before you start guessing, allow me to stop you – your wildest idea is actually the correct one. FIA and WRCC imposed, are you ready for it, a ban on all communication regarding that meeting. Teams were kindly informed they should shut their pieholes and keep ’em shut until further notice. Some sources say this “NDA” extends till December 4th, when World Motor Sport Council is set to discuss the future of the WRC.

Today, however, we learned a bit more about this supersecret meeting. Autosport reached out to their sources and what we got in return is a nice steaming pile of WTF-worthy information. According to these sources, this was not “the most productive Commision meeting”. You know how we all want to know more about the 2014 and beyond? So do teams, but it seems FIA was not able to provide any substantial information.

That’s not all. If I understood it correctly, current qualifying stage system is going to be shot in the head and burned, which did not go well with the 2013 champions, Volkswagen. Why did they do? Click below to find out! Something tells me the starting order was not the only reason behind Volkswagen’s decision, utter and complete lack of communication also contributed, I am sure.

Other sources claim Red Bull Media House’s representatives were not present at the meeting.

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