WRC goes all compact, sources claim

  • That is EXACTLY what I have been saying for over a year (keep looking back my comments).

  • Is this anywhere near to the fucking truth!! sorry for my language.. I could not hold back myself.. If yes, then to hell with FIA!! FOR SURE!!

    • Ashok, I am inclined to say this is not true, but somehow I am reluctant to do so. Because the way things are going, we might end up with this exact concept!

  • Alex Langheck

    Don’t give them any more crazy ideas……

    However, why not look at events 10-15 years ago? Notice the interest, Manufacturers, etc

    Stop meddling with the sport!! Speed AND endurance is what Rallying is. If people don’t like that, well go and do RallyCross.

    Rant over!!!

  • Marko S.

    Occupy Paris!

  • flat-over-crest

    What a useless bunch of idiots!
    All they want is a kind of Mickey Mouse X-Games series,so why don’t they say it?
    Better off to watch Rally Legend,and since my girlfriend will move to San Marino soon,I am thinking very seriously about it….Screw FIA and their stupid ideas,go back to the roots.

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