Video: Scary and amazing, R2 cars in Belgium

  • Stefan Walker

    I watched it the other day and man I love how these cars lulls their drivers into a false sense of security and than attempts to bite there head off. The epiceness of the pocket rockets sideways and the epic high speed section with the pole just waiting to take its next victim;

  • To be frank, for me the most exciting WRC cars ever were the F2 cars from the late 90s, early 00s. Especially the Peugeot 306 and the Citroen Xsara Kit Cars.

    • Alex

      I agree the 306 Maxi was a nice car to look to ear and to feel.

  • Alex

    Let imagine a world rally championship with machines not much more powerfull than these small R2.

    Well and now imagine factory teams running those cars and developing them for the large amount of privateers.

    What do you think was that going to be boring?
    If so imagine pilots like Jean or Panizzi driving those cars. I bet there are much more out there.

  • Jamie Hobbs

    I would love to be in a rally race, especially if I could use the Rally Fighter ( That vehicle looks like a blast, but it would definitely be cheating to use it against these other rally cars.

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