Ask Jari-Matti Latvala anything (I think) on Twitter

Now is your chance, head over to Twitter and send a question to Volkswagen Motorsport’s Jari-Matti Latvala. Don’t forget to attach #askJML to your tweet. He will have to answer because if he doesn’t… well, let’s not even start talking about Jari-Matti and luck. In short, he will really want to answer all (y)our questions.

Given how he must answer all questions no matter what, feel free to ask him about stuff not directly related to rallying. For example, what kind of temperature he prefers in sauna, or in which fantasy movie world he would love to live in. If you must, you can also ask him about rallying, but guys, it’s his job, and people are sick and tired of jobs and talking about jobs. Right? Guys?

The Q&A is bound to start today at 17.00 GMT, repeat, that’s GMT.