The most urgent change WRC needs is…

Let me try and summarize this without going into a lengthy debate. Simply because it should be quite obvious and also because, after a full season with new provider, there should be no more excuses for anyone involved in this particular part of WRC operation.

So, what needs to be changed, or should we say improved, for 2014 is this, in the priority order:

1. timing
2. .
3. .
4. .
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8. TV
9. public tracking of cars on stages
10. starting order

I do believe we can agree on this. Timing issues are not some myth, invented by malicious people. There were too common and too many to be called isolated incidents. Hopefully everyone, FIA included, have learned something this year, but what good will that do remains to be seen. For all we know, WRC is going to carry on working with the same timekeeping service provider in 2014, but (hopefully!) with the changed rules of the game. For example, you mess up the job, you pay the penalty or at least don’t get payed for that particular event.