New Hyundai i20 WRC game… on a race track?

Alright, so the game Hyundai is promoting goes live tomorrow, November 21, but if this video is showing bits and pieces from the actual thing, Hyundai will have some answering to do. Even more so because it looks like a competition kind of thing, and the winner gets to visit the team in Monte Carlo. Presumably that’s WRC Monte Carlo and not F1!

First question, what’s with the surroundings? A race track? Guys, guys, guys… quick, put some trees around that tarmac, drill some potholes in it and do shift+delete on the kerbs, before it’s too late. Maybe this really is just a tiny bit of what the game really has in store, maybe the track won’t even be in the final product, but if it turns out we can only race our virtual i20 WRCs on a shiny, boring circuit… well, let’s just say we’ll keep bringing it up constantly next year.

Second question, this livery, are you suggesting this is the finished thing and the factory WRC machines will sport this particular uniform in Monte Carlo next year? I am not complaining, not at all, I love this artwork. Just curious.

Third question, how about we finally learn about the second crew you guys will run in WRC next year. Or shall we wait for Citroën to spill their beans first, only they’re waiting for M-Sport who in turn is waiting for both you and Citroën while all of you together wait for the FIA? Thought so.

Fourth and final question. A race track!? Please, deny it, debunk it, call me a liar and a thief, but put that car where it belongs, on dirt.

Alright, okay, good! I am happy to say this isn’t really Hyundai’s game but the team and its car will join the existing lineup of cars in the actual game which has nothing to do with Hyundai as such. I blame it on the lack of time to actually research and deal with mobile driving games. Seriously, I tried, but wheel > tilting your device to turn or accelerate / break with your thumb. Now I feel a bit better and I am sure if Hyundai ever decides to build their own game, they’ll know what to throw at their rally car. Certainly not circuits!