Video: The first day at your new job, WRC job

Hyundai will do fine next year, they will do just fine. I have a voice in my head that keeps telling me they will be ready and they’ll grow to be competitive, but also fun and engaging. Now, I’m not sure about that voice, perhaps I should visit someone to help me with that, but I am sure about Hyundai’s potential to achieve and entertain.

In their latest video, Hyundai Motorsport are taking us on a tour as if we were their new employee. That is, of course, not the case, sadly, but who is behind the camera then. Unless you really know your WRC people by their hands, you may end up guessing far and wide, but I can tell you it’s… of course I’m not going to tell you. See for yourself. “But of course it’s him”, I hear you say.

Well done, Hyundai, and keep the entertainment and the buzz flowing.