Video: Why Jozef Bereš Jr. is a world rally champion in my eyes

Holy… OK, I’ll censor myself because there are children around, but… Oh my. Say you’re, I dunno, 10 years old and you are fond of motorsports and rally cars in particular. What do you do? Well, you can spectate and get to know the scene, meet some drivers, maybe have your picture taken with some lowly FWD rally car. And you’ll be over the moon, because rally, right? Sure, sure.

On the other hand, you can do what 10 year old Michaela did, jump into a rally car with Slovakian rally driver and a true hero Jozef Bereš Jr. Ask him nicely and he’ll take you on a ride you’ll never forget. In his group B car. That’s Audi S1 we’re talking about here. Just… just watch this, set the volume level to 11 and let the screams, the idle chatter and the wonderful gearbox switches take you over. By the end of this amazing video you’ll be weeping with joy.

This is beautiful, just beautiful. Well done Jozef, well done on letting young people know why oh why rally is such a fascinating sport. Not to mention doing it with a help of a effin group B car!

I admit, I don’t know who this girl is and how she got a chance to take a ride in a group B machine, but I am more than sure she enjoyed it. Now take that excitement and joy and become a rally driver yourself, Michaela.