Skynamic Hexacopter getting ready for Monte Carlo?

The WRC is exciting to watch from any angle (as long as you’re safe from rolling cars and bouncing wheels). But some angles are just awesome. Like, for example, the angle introduced by FS Aviation. In case you haven’t seen their WRC footage yet, you’re in for a treat. Even if you did, you’re still in for a treat. The fact is, it doesn’t get old. Only regret? It’s short!

FS Aviation’s flying devices visited many rallies this year and brought us some iconic footage, like that hairpin in Monte Carlo. Recently they expanded their fleet with another flying thing with a cool name. Skynamic Hexacopter is the name, and as you can see, it works great. No matter how crazy and skilled the WRC helicopter pilots are, they cannot fly as close to the cars as this little things can. Looking forward to more footage from the Hexacopter. I really like that name.

By the way, that Golf also looks quite neat. Here’s a bit more about the car and its owner, Hendrik Scheibe.

Catch up with the Skynamic Drone Team via Facebook.