Volkswagen’s “Perfect Season” video, there’s more to it

What could we possibly look to find in a perfect video featuring perfect season? Well, a perfect moment. Or two. In an earlier post I said this video reminds me of a single special stage, set on snow, sand, mud and tar. The footage is top notch and the editing, well, let’s just say there is some huge talent behind the editing desk. Example, you see Sebastien turn the wheel for a lefthand corner from onboard camera, and the next shot shows the car turn left from the outside. Two scenes, probably not even part of same event, but perfectly put together.

I’ve picked two of my favourite moments from this feature and both have something to do with gear changes. At 1:11 mark, when the car takes off with that lingering sound trick, just awesome. And then at 1:34 to 1:36 is another perfect moment, the hairpin and the sense of power you get seeing the Polo dance her way around the bend and out of it with the all-empowering shift-up from Mr Ogier.

It’d be great to hear what moments you find best in this video. Care to share?