Poll: Pick your ideal Citroën Racing line up for 2014

Wouldn’t it be great if Citroën Racing went all crazy and gave us, the fans, a chance to decide on teams line up for next year? No, no it wouldn’t. But why should that stop us from having fun and making a wannabe list of favourites for the seats at the French squad for the upcoming new WRC season.

I don’t usually poll, but when I do, I want to know who would be your top three drivers for next year in Citroën Racing. Please ignore the fact that some drivers have approximately 0 chance of being part of the line up, this is fantasy thing. On second thought, I removed the zero chance of happening drivers and went with the five we, more or less, know are on the Citroën’s shortlist.

So, there you go, pick your favs and let’s see who we end up with. Keep in mind, you can select two drivers, even though I haz no idea whatsoever if Citroën plans to use 2 or 3 cars in 2014. But let’s go with two, shall we?

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