Hyundai: “Calm down and enjoy the wait”

No matter how enthusiastic the Spanish media are over Dani Sordo’s alleged move from Citroën to Hyundai, the latter will not have any of it. Nope, no sir, not yet. Which is perfectly reasonable – they’re the ones making the decisions and they should be the ones to reveal the news once it happens.

According to some sources, we were supposed to learn more about the one remaining seat in Hyundai this week. Either today or tomorrow. Hyundai, however, does not think so. With a single tweet we were all told that having fun playing guessing games is allowed and encouraged, but assuming fun for fact and fiction for reality will not earn us cookies.

Instead, we were told to wait just a little bit longer. The 10th of December will be the day. Which perfectly aligns with at least some of the reports in Spanish media, because they did claim Sordo’s deal will be revealed on Tuesday. And that brings us back to square one.

Conclusion: Dani Sordo is Hyundai’s third driver for 2014.