Video: Robert Kubica – Jakub Gerber, onboard Ronde Citta dei Mille ’13

  • kpcart

    I believe this is the driver he had the career changing crash with. since his return, Kubica drove once with Gerber, and they slid off the road, immediately afterwards some people in forums said Gerber is a bad omen and Kubica should never drive with him again. looking back at the 2011 crash, the damage to Kubica was done because the armo was already damaged, it was a freak accident and you can not blame the co-driver. Gerber is Polish, and Kubica’s first language is Polish. With Baran retiring from the successful duet he had with Kubica (at the worst possible time leading up to Kubica’s WRC debut), I feel this was definitely a test to see a possible co-driver next year. latest rumour today is Kubica will race at Rally Janner in ERC before monte carlo, obviously looking for as much experience as possible, maybe with Gerber again.

    • Thanks for the comment and the additional information. It does seem Robert is trying to get as much seat time as possible with Jakub, I hope they can work as a team. Which brings us nicely to the fact that if he’s testing and getting familiar with old-new co-driver, then it must mean he will be rallying in 2014. And that to me is great news.

  • kpcart

    I think Kubica definitely needs a polish co-driver, it is his natural language. he had a few not so great experiences last year with Italian co-drivers (like in Rally du Var – where a pace note error ended with his car burnt out after leading by 4 minutes), also this year in this past Rally GB where the pace note error sent him off the road more embarrassingly then his small mistake in the first day of the rally. Baran was the perfect option, they started off fast straight away with some mistakes, then dominated rallies, then Baran strangely decided to retire from Rallying (for his family we all believe – he just had a child), I hope Kubica can have success with Gerber, it would be such a great story if they both achieved success in rallying next year after what they both went through in 2011.

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