Kopecky exiled to APRC, Škoda to remain in ERC and busy on R5 car

  • Nick Alterskye

    Seems like Kopecky has been given his chance to win ERC – he has had enough years to do so after all – and could never beat Hanninen, Meeke, Loix etc in a straight fight consistently anyway. Kopecky is never really going to go any further in terms of WRC – due to age and talent. Lappi is the new wunderkind – providing he can keep it on the wheels!! Wiegand doesn’t have it either to be fair.
    VW – sorry Skoda – would be better going for Andreas Aigner or a young Dutchman (maybe even Henk Lategan as he rallies with VW South Africa and is doing some ERC events next year) if they want a more Germanic driver in car No.2!
    Anyway – glad they are staying in ERC. Now just need some more manufacturers there …

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