Kubica linked to… wait for it… Volkswagen!

To the bandwagon!!! When a rumour is this fresh and this tasty it would be a shame to let it go past, would it not. Behold the news, whether it’s an actual fact-based info or a wishful thinking. You know how we liked to imagine Robert Kubica aka “The Guy Who Does Not Love Rally So He Should Give Up His WRC2 Title For Someone Who Does” in Citro├źn? Or lately in M-Sport? Forget all that, because today, we have another rumour for our entertainment.

This one links Kubica with none other than Volkswagen. Volkswagen! Backed by Red Bull. Red Bull! The sound of that. Robert Kubica in Red Bull backed Volkswagen. Like a “greatest hits” medley. I love it.

There isn’t many solid pieces of information about this alleged deal at the moment. I didn’t even know Volkswagen were into privateer teams. But then again, it’s Red Bull. Besides, Andreas Mikkelsen is lonely in Volkswagen Motorsport II team, could Kubica be joining him? And for how many events?

True or false, fantasy or the real deal? Whatever, just as long as WRC gets to keep its new star.