Citroën cannot wait, the secrets are out and Meeke, Ostberg are in

  • flat-over-crest

    Seems like Citroen is throwing in the towel,and I really,really hope to be proved wrong.
    After all,I did believe Ostberg would be 2013’s dark horse (even voted for him in the WRB poll…) and he has a lot to prove.And Meeke…well,he will be just happy to play in the big league at last,after the Mini WRC Fiasco.He too is hungry for some success.
    But there is the suspicion Citroen try to ”play a Ford” next year,deliberately lowering expectations and wishing for some miracles to happen,maybe a lucky win here and there.

  • Kid_Voltron

    I think this is the most exciting team if you ask me, I actually am happy as I wanted it to be either Ostberg/Meeke/Kubica ….amidst the competition it’s gonna be a cracker of a season next year…I have a feeling will see Franscois Duval here and there which would be interseting…just when we thought WRC was losing traction! Based on the line up only I will be rooting for Citroen!!! I suspect Kubica will have settled for WTCC which should give him a more natural circuit feel.

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