Hyundai, it’s all about Hyundai tomorrow

One more day, that is all that separates us from the launch of the Hyundai Motorsport team, which will compete in 2014 World Rally Championship. Tomorrow, starting at 11.00 CET, Alzenau-based squad will finally confirm their line-up, unveil the car and share more information about their objectives for next year. Expect to hear a lot of “learning”, “preparing” and “perfecting”, which is what Hyundai will do in 2014 I suppose. But on the other hand, Volkswagen was similarly cautious, and look what happened to them. And to us.

Starting at 11.00 CET, Hyundai is hosting a press conference talking about: New insights: what the future holds for Hyundai in Europe – Updates on the brand’s evolution – and exciting new products – A deep-dive into design, led by the Group’s President & Chief Design Officer Peter Schreyer – And Breaking news from Hyundai Motorsport, ahead of the new WRC challenge in 2014. There, this is what Hyundai has in store for us tomorrow.

Don’t miss it. Eleven o’clock. Prepare in advance. Best of all, Hyundai will stream the presentation live, because 21st century. I’ll try and have it embedded here. Alternatively, you can jump over to event’s Livestream page and follow the action there.