i20 WRC vs. Polo R WRC, spot the differences

I thought the position of the “N” decal at the rear of the i20 WRC looked somehow familiar, same as the hood one. But of course, it’s on Volkswagen Polo R WRC too. Just like Volkswagen is looking to cash in a bit on their WRC successes through the R line of cars, Hyundai plans to do the same. Instead of R, their cars will sport the N thingy, tribute to company’s Namyang R&D center.

It looks like both teams followed a rule on where to put their respective letters on the rear. Also, is there a rule stating you must have a high performance line of road cars, marked with a single letter and designed to make the most out of teams competitive outings in the WRC? No there isn’t, but it’s the logical thing to do.

Seriously though, I like both cars. Same goes for the two that didn’t make it into this particular post. Can’t wait to see them do their business on stages.