No time to waste – 8 testing videos, for our WRC pleasure

Once teams and drivers were done with announcing their new allliances for the upcoming season, it was time to pour some fuel in and start driving and testing. Rallye Monte Carlo will be upon us before you know it and with it the many obstacles and challenges this unique event brings to the series. There is no better way of preparing for the Monte than to drive and then drive some more on all sorts of stuff – dry tar, wet tar, frozen tar, then a combination of three with addition of some snow, then a proper snow, now remove some snow in some corners and substitute it with wet, dry or frozen tar, etc.

It’s a roulette like no other, and who knows what 2014 edition of the event will bring in terms of weather. That’s why the WRC pilots are doing all they can to prepare for, well, everything really.

Here’s a bunch of videos to put some noise into this cold, foggy and gloomy Saturday. They all look like they mean business, don’t they. Especially the new or the not-so-new guys, such as Kris Meeke. Also, Mads Ostberg in a Citro├źn, how cool is that. Plenty of stuff to look forward to, and this time, finally, things are looking set for a grand season next year.

I could go on about how amazing and full of win these videos and the drivers featured in them are, but you wouldn’t read that, would you. Let’s just watch videos instead.