Dani Sordo shares the secret ingredients to a perfect rally man cave

This looks like a perfect sanctuary, a man cave for rally fans if you will. A place to call home and a shelter to run to and have loads of fun. Let’s see what we have here. Trophies, check. Energy drinks, check. More serious drink (almost depleted), check. TV and a gaming console, check. Some random DVD (protection buster?) on the floor, check. Steering wheel and a bucket seat setup, check. Driving game, check. An ax, what? Wait.

Seriously, this ax was the first thing that caught my attention, but just as I started panicking (do they chop off their limbs if they suck at gaming?) I noticed the firewood and a fireplace. Phew, crisis averted.

I don’t know whose home this is, or whose mantuary this is. All we know is Dani Sordo tweeted this image with a revealing message – he is fully preparing for the 2014 Rallye Monte Carlo. All the necessary ingredients are there, and it seems the guys in the pic are having fun. Rally does make for a perfect stay-at-home kind of entertainment, especially if you get to chop some wood while waiting for the stage to start.

On the other hand, let’s hope this is not Hyundai Motorsport’s official simulator room.