Video: Happy birthday, Hyundai Motorsport – test video feat. Thierry and Dani

One year ago, Hyundai Motorsport was born. Since then, they went from a small team of very determined people to a much larger team of equally determined and motivated experts and professionals. I am sure there are people out there doubting the potential of this team, but I suppose these doubters would also laugh off the idea of Hyundai becoming a major player in car market, not only in Europe but around the world. I know I keep coming back to this market thing, but I cannot help it and besides I am pretty sure that Hyundai’s WRC efforts are closely related to their marketing and sales achievements. This is not a project of a bunch of enthusiasts, looking to see whether they can build a WRC car. Hyundai Motorsport is one piece of a puzzle, part of the larger plan aimed at conquering markets and selling cars. As such, you can be sure it has its strategy and backing carefully planned out.

But does it rally?, I hear you say. Valid question! No idea, and unless you’re Dani Sordo, Thierry Neuville, Juho Hanninen, Bryan Bouffier or Chris Atkinson, you have no idea either. Unless one of these guys told you a thing or two about the car. Which they won’t. Because this info cannot benefit either you or them, and the main focus of their work is to benefit the team. So stop asking. I know I’ll try. Besides, how terribly and crucially different could a car be, compared to Volkswagen, Ford and Citro├źn offerings? Aren’t they all so standardized and normalized and otherwise -ized, that it’s not so much to the car as a whole, not the engine, but the transmission and most of all suspension. I don’t know, but I’m guessing that this is the main focus of the fine tuning for a new car, once everything else is in order and running at max capacity.

And with that, I’d like to salute you, kind visitor, for taking the time to read through all this. Please do watch the video, kindly provided by Hyundai Motorsport, as a present to their fans. The final test session of the year, as the team prepares for the real thing, the 2014 Rallye Monte Carlo. Thierry Neuville and Dani Sordo were busy getting familiar with the car, and judging by all smiles everywhere, at least Dani liked it.

Happy birthday, Hyundai Motorsport and here’s to one swell season for ya!