Video: Sebastien Loeb on two wheels, spectacular, as always

Nothing is safe from this man, not a single thing. If you’re a thing with wheels and/or you can be raced, sooner or later Sebastien Loeb will ride in you or on you. I’m sorry if this sounds a bit odd.

Sebastien Loeb did not retire from the WRC in order to have more time to spend with his family or hobbies. No, he retired from one top notch competition only to join another one, the WTCC. And in the meantime, he is competing in everything and anything. Heck, I’m sure he even competes in supermarkets, rallying and hooning the shopping trolleys around the isles and other people.

Last days of November saw Loeb take part in Scorpion Masters in France. Gathering of everything concerning two wheels, it may look like Loeb was just a spectator or a VIP guest. Wrong. He competed, of course. As Red Bull Motorsports points out, he raced in four disciplines; enduro, trials, supermoto and circuit race. End result, 13th spot out of 28 competitors.

Video below will tell you a thing or two about what kind of competition Loeb faced in this particular event. Turns out this 13th spot was pretty freaking awesome result.

By the way, it’s official now. Sebastien Loeb is not a human. I believe he’s a runaway from one of Marvel’s movies or scripts. Must be.