Funny end to the Vodafone sensation

Oh you fart inhalers, you. That was very well played. It did sound a bit too good to be true all of a sudden, but on the other hand, we’ve seen weird and unusual things happen in and around the WRC in recent years. Whether M-Sport managed to attract a big-ass sponsor for next year or not, it did sound very nice and all tingly to think that huge Vodafone decided to toss some money into our sport. Perhaps this was one silly superbly played joke by Motor & Racing, but really, is it that impossible to expect major investors finally realizing there is this thing called WRC on the horizon. We can hope!

In the meantime, we can continue our debate on what’s hidden beneath the strange coloured rear side panels on Robert Kubica’s Fiesta WRC. Did I say WRC? Surely I meant RRC. THANK YOU TWO MILLION PEOPLE WHO MADE SURE I HEAR IT LOUD AND CLEAR THE FIRST TIME, thankyouverymuch, thanks, thx.