Time for another livery – Robert Kubica, Fiesta and a dry Janner Rallye?

I like this winter so far. In fact, I love it! It’s above 5°C at night and above 10°C during the day, meaning it’s unusually warm. I don’t care for snow, unless it’s badly needed for a motorsport event. This weekend it’s time for Janner Rallye in Austria, first round of the 2014 European Rally Championship. Traditionally, this event is about snow and tarmac, with latter usually playing a supporting role. Or not appearing at all. But this year it seems the snow will not arrive in time. Meaning, Janner might end up being dry or wet tarmac.

And where is tarmac, there are tarmac specialists, one of which is Robert Kubica. We all know he decided to compete in this event as a preparation for the first round of the WRC season in Monte Carlo. While Monte remains a mystery as far as weather is concerned, Austria might be all dry. Kubica could set some nice results in such conditions, but I believe he would not mind some snow, ice or wet tar, if that’s what Monte will be about later this month.

Alas, nobody can adjust weather, apart from the NSA perhaps, so what will be, will be. Kubica unveiled his Lotos sponsored Ford Fiesta RS ahead of the Janner Rallye, and here it is, in all its glory.

Whatever the weather, Kubica is in for a strong rally this weekend. Does he stand a chance against the competition if the weather stays mild and dry? He sure does, but Janner is one tricky mother of a rally. Let’s rally!