According to, Kubica will drive Mini this year… or not?

Say what? Let’s say you’re working on something and you need some information about certain drivers, teams and their plans. The most obvious (re)source of information would be the official website of the particular motor sport series or championship. So, for example, if you’re looking for WRC related info, you’ll visit, knowing they would never fail you. Because official website, that’s why.

Before I continue, let me apologize for being all Kubica this, Kubica that, but in this particular case it was again about Kubica and the team he will be driving for this year. You know how Rallye Monte Carlo entry list says one thing, Twitter says another and in the end you have no idea what’s going on. No problem, hop over to and you’ll be served with latest and most up to date information.

But… there is something quite wrong in this particular case, don’t you think. I mean, for example, we can be pretty sure Kubica will be using Ford power this year. Not according to – they say it will be Mini, but colour me confused, that’s not Mini on that picture, is it?

Come on!

Oh, oh, ho… so I missed the 5th bullet here, announcing the new WRC website, scheduled to launch for Monte Carlo. Goodie. Until then, well, yeah…

Thanks @mzmrgud for being the first one to step into this… thing.