Kubica, Szczepaniak, Fiesta and a whole lotta skill = epic win

Well if this does not make you go: “Stand back Superman, Iceman, Spiderman, Batman, Robin too…”! If you have no idea what’s this about, trust me, you want to keep it that way. If you do know, I am sorry for refreshing your memories, but this is exactly the thing that came to my mind after Robert Kubica devoured the opposition in Austria this weekend.

He wasn’t rallying against the part-time drivers or hobby racers, we’re talking names and years upon years (upon years and more years) of experience. Sure, yeah, it’s rally, anything can happen and usually the guy with least problems and not necessarily the most speed wins, but it wasn’t the case this time. This time Robert Kubica and Maciej Szczepaniak won by doing their job the best they could. Eleven seconds might be one hell of a deficit coming into last stage, but it’s also one hell of a stage it’s 25 kilometers long and run in fog.

J√§nnerrallye once again launched the new European Rally Championship season in style, with no snow, but with plenty of excitement and superb driving. There are many reasons for optimism this year, which is fantastic for a change, and it involves both WRC and ERC. It’s not too long before Rallye Monte Carlo is underway and truth be told, I’m very VERY impatient. Should we wish for tricky conditions, awful, changing weather or do we want it to stay dry and predictable as much as possible? I am not sure, but personally I like seeing drivers earning their glory in really rally conditions. We have new teams, new lineups and one obviously very motivated and confident “newb”. Bring it on!

Also, this