Video: One (icy) corner to rule them all

There may be no snow this year in Austria, at least not in the amounts usually attributed to this time of year, but that does not mean driving and especially driving fast is safe from tricky situations. Austria usually means high altitude and high altitude in winter means low temperatures. That, as we all know, leads to all sorts of funny things, such as black ice. Drivers hate it, because if your gravel crews fail to spot the icy patch it’s usually too late once you’re rallying over it at competitive speed. Black ice is one of the most famous features of the upcoming Rallye Monte Carlo too, so some drivers competing in Austria this weekend will be happy for the opportunity to practice some of the black-ice-related moves. Moves also known as “help me Lawd I have no control over this thing”.

Which is exactly the kind of moves plenty of drivers “used” upon hitting the frozen and dirty bit of tarmac in J√§nnerrallye yesterday. One of the victims of this evil corner is the Slovenian driver Rok Turk: “Once we hit the ice, the control was gone, we became passengers with no idea what was going to happen”. Their Peugeot hit the bank and punctured the radiator throwing them out of the event.

Black ice, the lurking evil of winter rallies, the arch enemy of many a driver… see it claim victims in this video.