Video: Robert effin’ Kubica, last stage of Jännerrallye, what a ride!

There’s this wonderful expression Americans often use when they describe some quite unique feelings and situations. They say you shit bricks and that’s exactly what I felt like for the first few minutes of this video. I cannot even begin to imagine how the guy in the crazy seat must have felt, but Mr. Maciej Szczepaniak, my hat’s off to you for this. If shitting bricks indeed happens in situations like this, then I’m sure Mr. Szczepaniak has a wall of bricks now, big enough to build a house. Or a replica of the Great Wall. But fear is not an option for drivers and especially co-drivers, they leave it to us to enjoy.

The year may have just started and we’re only one ERC event down, but man, this damn video will be one of the highlights of 2014, no doubt about that. Perhaps it is the most badass onboard of the year, I don’t know. Could be I’m just a bit overwhelmed, is all. To say this was one brave drive is not enough. It was a hell of a ride and both Robert and Maciej deserve full praise and credit for their success in Austria.

Don’t complain about video being only 240p, it’s not important. And in this case I don’t care if it was stolen from some broadcaster or not, who cares. This video is THE reason why we all love this sport. Do watch.

“Yes, I won, Ok, I’m happy about it! But let me tell you about our light problem!” #legend