Video: Mikko Hirvonen is back (in blue), watch him take Fiesta out for a dance

There are so many exciting things about the season which did not even start yet. New team, new lineups, new regulations (to an extent), TV… it’s almost as if some kind of motor sport Santa payed attention to our wishes finally. And it’s pretty difficult for me to isolate one thing that excites me the most about 2014, but perhaps, PERHAPS it’s the new lineups more than anything. Yeah, new team is here too, but… I am really looking forward to see how some driver-team combinations will work out this year.

One of the most interesting combos is the one featuring Ford, excuse me, M-Sport and Mikko Hirvonen. After two years in Citro├źn Mikko is back in blue and I don’t really need to hear him say it to know he is MOTIVATED with capital… everything. You know how you sometimes hear rumbling around the WRC corridors, questioning whether Mikko is still same old as he was before that uberwtfpwn crash in Finland some years ago. Well, I’m sure Mikko is aware of those doubts. And this year could be the one in which Mikko will put the foot down. And keep it down, saying farewell to that awful caution. Because rally drivers say that sometimes it’s easier to be fast and focused if you just drive at 110% all the time.

Here is Mikko and the innocent looking white Fiesta RS WRC, renewing their love and getting used to each other before they set off to try and beat the opposition on this years Monte.

This is going to be a massive year for WRC. Can’t wait.