Let this infographic teach you all you need to know about Rallye Monte Carlo

Scared of walls of text, oceans of numbers and fields of facts? Of course you are, especially if you’re looking for some quick information about, let’s say, a major motor sports event. Like, for example, Rallye Monte Carlo, round 1 of the 2014 World Rally Championship. You don’t like text but you love pictures? Well hooray for that, because you’re about to learn all the important facts about the “Monte” just by studying a single picture. If you want to learn more, there are countless resources for that, but this infographic is a great starter dish to get you even hungrier for more information and more excitement. It’s great to see companies and brands from the automotive industry get involved in following and presenting World Rally Championship – a very good omen. This year should really be awesome for our sport.

Now, time to stop reading and start learning. Enjoy.

Monte Carlo Rally Infographic - Autoglass®

Monte Carlo Rally Infographic – Autoglass┬«