Video: Mikko Hirvonen & Jarmo Lehtinen getting ready for Monte

There are countless videos featuring pre event test sessions from all four teams, and I personally am very thankful to all the engineers and clever people who provided us with nice tools such as HD cameras in smartphones. Amateur videos are great source of information these days, and I am sure this will not change anytime soon because big filming crews, companies and whatnots can never as flexible as thousands of independent filmmakers. Go indie!

But when respected video teams do catch some WRC action, then it’s well worth watching. Michelin’s Best of Rally Live is well known for their excellent WRC highlight videos and they’re usually very fast in releasing new materials during WRC weekends.

This time around, they caught up with Mikko Hirvonen, Jarmo Lehtinen and M-Sport WRT. Check out the attached video for some epic speed and slow-mo footage. Is it just me or is Mikko driving this car like a very angry man? Hope so!