Video: Robert Kubica & Maciek Szczepaniak testing, onboard

He is back! Robert Kubica is. Few days ago he was all over this site and I had to call some people to deal with it, they smiled, told me to wait outside and after 30 minutes it was all over – my site was de-Kubica-zified. But you cannot keep Robert Kubica still for too long, eventually he just finds a way into your news and onto your homepage. So, here’s him again.

This immensely entertaining intro is caused by lack of sleep, so I apologize. Regardless, one can never have too much Kubica as long as he is so dedicated, fast and determined to improve and conquer. Which makes him a picture perfect motor sport ace.

This is him getting ready for first WRC event of the year. Dry tarmac was devoured on that day.