The old is dead, here’s the new one

They promised, they delivered. The brand new World Rally Championship official website. It’s still on the same address (duh!), and it still uses the same logo (stahp!) but everything else is, more or less, changed, new, better, bigger, brighter, more informative and so on. I admit I only had time to browse through it quickly, but what I’ve seen really does look very good and in line with what could be one of the best seasons of WRC in a looong while.

There are probably glitches and missing bits and pieces here and there, but that’s to be expected from a brand new website, especially one as loaded with contents as this. We can also take this as another proof that WRC promoters are finally making more visible steps in the right direction. It took them a while and they were too silent for too long, but now, finally, I hope it’s time to see some results and hear some plans.

Long story short, point your mouse pointer here, click and explore the new