Renault & Nissan, please bring IDx to WRC, please, we beg you

Whenever I hear or read about 1.6 liter turbocharged engine these days, first thing that comes to mind is “rally this thing”, no matter which brand, model, class and whatnot this car is about. This engine was made with one purpose, to be out there, on rally stages. Or on WTCC tracks, but who cares about that, right? The latest fantastic car, rumoured to be lined up for 1.6 turbo power is Nissan’s concept IDx, which debuted in Tokyo last year and upon its second appearance in Detroit greeted us with some fab news. Well, actually, concepts need no engines, but since Nissan already sort-of confirmed this car will make it into production in years to come, it makes sense to talk about engines. Concept IDx appeared in Detroit in two guises – Freeflow is for the civilians and Nismo, well, go figure what Nismo is for.

Now, if we combine this wonderful retro body (the best looking retro inspired car ever!) and 1.6 turbocharged engine and slap a four-wheel-drive system on it then fine tune it, using all the knowledge Renault and Nissan collected on rally stages and race tracks… well we could easily end up with something so exciting I dare not mention it. For years I wish for Renault or Nissan to return/come back/dive into World Rally Championship… If Clio is not going to do it, IDx should be the next (il)logical choice.

I mean, just look at it! To hell with all the curves, fluid lines, zen crap and feng shui trickery, death to all the artificial philosophy surrounding the modern car design and burn all the endless PR novels, talking far and wide about design ideas… just burn it all. IDx is the reset button, a slap in the face of every cliche and as such it should be rallying! Or at least racing.

Dear Renault & Nissan, please: A) push this into production, B) race it.

What? Nothing wrong in dreaming, is there?