Audio: Thierry Neuville, what happened on SS1, in his own words

Why did he push so hard? Did he not know about the ice and the slippery surface? Will he ever learn? What’s the meaning of life? All these questions started popping up after the news of Thierry Neuville’s retirement reached the WRC community, but soon enough everyone settled with the more realistic “hell, shit happens” conclusion. That is not to say Thierry wasn’t pushing (too damn) hard, he was, there is that split time that proves he was not exactly threading the needle in those first few kilometers of SS 1. One corner and a bit of extra speed was all that was needed for Thierry to lose the car and then for the car to meet the pole. Thierry’s accident surely served as a wake up call to others, but sadly for the Belgian he was out of the event before he even got the chance to warm up the tyres.

But hey, shit happens and if it’s not usually considered shit unless you make a habit out of it. Surely, Thierry will not do that. Here’s what he had to say about the incident.