Video: Hyundai Motorsport day 1 review, Neuville’s off included

This onboard video looks pretty horrific. It was a night stage, and there was some bad weather out there, but watching the onboard from Thierry’s car all I could think of was “how did he even reach that corner”? Of course, cameras are bad at showing all the details – it would be pretty silly to run rallies if the visibility was THIS bad.

Sadly for Hyundai Motorsport and both Thierry Neuville and Dani Sordo, Rallye Monte Carlo ended early for them. Yesterday I hoped for Hyundai to not be faced with every imaginable challenge and difficulty straight away, but that’s exactly what happened. I have no doubt they already know what caused the issue in Dani’s car while Thierry will do his part by helping out with VIP hospitality “building” dismantling.

Here’s Hyundai Motorsport’s daily video report. Which is probably going to be the only video report they will make in Monte. Shame but WRC!