Video: The scary beast that was SS 3 onboard with Kris Meeke & Paul Nagle

This is the kind of onboard videos we long to see and enjoy – full stage, high quality audio, multiple angles, very dedicated crew and, of course, a beautiful special stage.

Kris Meeke and Paul Nagle are doing an excellent job for Citro├źn Racing in Monte Carlo, or should I say in the mountains of France. Currently they’re locked in a battle for third with Robert Kubica and this particular stage is one example of just how much dedication and focus is needed to post top results out on stages.

Furthermore, this is the infamous SS 3, the stage which almost caught out some of the favourites and you’ll see why approximately halfway through. See them go over the top and don’t be surprised if your belly ties into a knot when the fast tarmac gets replaced with the horrible, slushy mess.

Brilliant onboard!