Video to prove Mikko Hirvonen had (at least) some luck in Monte

Yesterday I wrote a post about luck and rallying, claiming that Mikko Hirvonen does not know what luck is, but he can tell you a lot about her sister, Bad Luck and their step brother, Even Worse Luck.

However, it turns out Mikko and co-driver Jarmo Lehtinen did have Lady Luck onboard in Rallye Monte Carlo, for a while at least. Why did she have to abandon them, nobody knows, but my bet is Volkswagen offered more money, and Luck, being the bitch that she is, went after the cash.

Perhaps Mikko and Jarmo should consider working with Lord Flat-out ‘n’ See-what-happens, and forget about luck completely. By the way, check out the tweet below the video for another of Mikko’s one night stands with Lady Luck.