ADAC Opel Rallye Cup ready for its second year

Many of you probably remember the positive atmosphere that surrounded the news about Opel and their rally and motorsport projects last year and in 2012. Back then it seemed that Opel was getting ready to enter the World Rally Championship, but before they do, they wanted to start some buzz and collect some rallying mileage while also putting their name on rally stages in Germany and Europe. The best way to do that, Opel thought, would be to launch a cup competition for young but also senior drivers, featuring brand new and affordable car, all wrapped up in a nicely promoted and well designed series.

This year marks the second (and final?) year of this particular series, or rather, Opel is supposed to switch from Opel’s A segment contender, Adam, to B segment Corsa for 2015 and beyond.

Enrollment period for 2014 ends on February 10 and according to the official information, 14 new entries are expected alongside the crews and teams that took part in the inaugural season last year. The package is quite tempting – the Opel Adam Cup rally car has a pricetag of 24.900 € (plus VAT) while entry fee costs 3800 € but offers some nice goodies in return, such as team clothing for both crew members, service tent, Opel Cup hospitality access for four people in all events, protective clothing for driver and co-driver. Sounds neat. “Veteran” crews, who were competing in the Cup last year, will enjoy the reduced entry fee of 2800 €.

The season consists of eight rounds on seven events with Rally Deutschland (German round of the WRC) scheduled to award double points (I hope Google did not fail me in translation here!).

All participants will get a chance to sample and test the car by competing in two events. Before the season kicks off in April, new teams will be able to compete in an exclusive preseason event. Then, after the season is underway, another test event will be open to Cup competitors, this time regardless of their status, so teams who took part in 2013 season will also be able to test. Unless Google Translator failed me miserably. Cup is open to both under-27 and above-27 drivers, but the former are also running for extra prizes, such as road going Opel Adam for first place, etc.

So far, that’s all there is to say about second year of ADAC Opel Rallye Cup, but sometime this year we can expect to hear more about the future plans and projects, especially the bits that involve Corsa. You know, because B segment car, and thus eligible to join the Real Deal – WRC.

Opel, we’re counting on you.


25.04.-26.04. ADAC Hessen Rallye
30.05.-31.05. S-DMV Thüringen Rallye
08.08.-09.08. ADAC Wartburg Rallye
21.08.-24.08. ADAC Rallye Deutschland
05.09.-06.09. ADAC Ostsee Rallye
19.09.-20.09. ADAC Litermont-Saar
24.10.-25.10. ADAC 3-Städte-Rallye