WRC on TV, list of broadcasters updated with, well, broadcasters

WRC is on TV (live) this year. Depending on the country and broadcaster you can either enjoy the full coverage, including daily reports and live stages or you’ll only get the former and for latter you’ll need some creativity in digging up the usable (also pirated) stream on Internet.

The fact that WRC is on TV and live is fantastic, period. Can it be better, provide more and be more “mainstream”, so to speak? Sure, but let’s not get hasty and forget the progress already made by WRC Promoter for this year. I do agree that showing WRC on specialized sports channels, most of which are pay-per-view or subscription based, is not really ideal, but sometimes we really need to take a look around and see what exactly is free these days? I do remember watching Formula 1 for free, today that option is pretty much gone in many areas. WRC is still far from being the thing everyone and their mother talk about on daily basis, in daily TV shows and in daily newspaper. It will take time for WRC to make a full comeback to front pages of the magazines, but it’s moving. I really believe it’s moving.

If we consider 2014 to be a year of changes, then we can only expect 2015 to be even better and to offer even more in terms of TV coverage and overall quality of promotion on all levels and across all media. After all, that would be the natural course of things – the progress made this year should under no circumstances be the best WRC and its promoter can do. This should really be just the beginning.

According to the news released by Rally Sweden organizers, the second round of the championship will have three special stages shown live, one on Wednesday, the Karlstad superspecial and then the two more on Saturday from Hagfors.

Unfortunately, the list of broadcasters on WRC.com does not provide detailed information about each broadcaster, so you’ll have to consult your local provider to see whether you’ll be able to see the live stages or not.

Slayer1984CH, thanks for the tip.