Audi S1 quattro is back, and it’s mkay!

Yeah, so, by now you already know all there is to know about the latest Audi. Named S1 quattro it features “series 1” size, quattro all wheel drive, 2-liter turbocharged engine and some 230-ish horsies, available in co-operation with 6-speed manual. What’s with the frown on your face? Sucked a lemon recently, or you’re just another soul upset over the use of holy “S1” name? Compared to The Only S1 Worthy of Its Name this new thing does not look particularly intimidating nor scary, but I would not say no to 200+ HP with quattro drive and those gorgeous Audi interiors. Complaints, none. So what if they used the name, if WRC were not about baby girl B segment cars these days Audi would probably be right there with A1/S1 instead of Polo. Maybe. For me this new S1 is the worthy successor to the famous rally machine – please note we’re really mixing cars and classes which are SOOOOOOOOOOOO different, it hurts. The old S1 was not a road car, the new one is, but they share a name and I’m quite sure Audi will not hesitate to make full use of the famous S1 rally machine for PR purposes. They also share this wild-ish character, many horsepower, much fun.

mkay2On the other hand, there’s this. Another legend and its sterilized, pasteurized, castrated, operated and botoxed successor. Left picture, Lancia Delta HF Integrale. Right picture, Lancia Delta something something road car of yawn. It looks nice if placed in front of some rustic wall or another inspirational background and you can have heaps of photographic fun because it looks like a sculpture or a strange artistic… something, but is it wild, over the limit, performance > all the things like the old HF Integrale? I don’t think so.