Video: Time for some dust and sunshine, Rally Mexico

Few days ago I tweeted about the “cost effectiveness” of WRC calendar, “forcing” teams to travel from Sweden to Mexico, then to Portugal, followed by Argentina and finally Sardinia, in almost regular 30 day intervals. Cost effective, not so much, but it’s the World Rally Championship, and that “world” thing means something, or at least it should. I totally understand the grief behind the absence of some of the legendary WRC events, most of which are Europe based, but WRC needs global exposure, now more than ever. Would it be feasible for WRC to expand its calendar, to allow for more global and yet more European events in? I do think there would be a room for another event or two, but WRC must improve its media appeal and presence significantly before that happens.

Rally Mexico is next on WRC’s menu, a welcome change of scenery, surface and conditions for WRC teams and crews. After gloom and cold of European winter in Monte in Sweden it’s time to slip into something much more comfortable and have some dust for breakfast. We’ll hear tons and I mean tons about the local cuisine and bewerage, just tune into WRC Live radio broadcast or read just about any review of the event. Food and drinks may be fine and all, but we want action, rally action.

In case you’ve forgotten just how thrilling Rally Mexico was last year, here’s a little reminder, made by talented people of Best of Rally Live. Jumps, slides, hairpins, dust, dust and more dust… oh, and some gates too.

Bring on Mexico!