Group B Lancia, object of lust no matter the size

Oh, come on. Come. On. These things were meant to inspire joy and happiness. And make us love rally and cars and rally cars even more. They were not meant to make us burn with fury and lust upon seeing the price tag. Or perhaps they were? Much like the original, real rally cars? You can convert your daily driver into a rally car, sure, but it’s never going to be a Group B supermonster from hell. Same with models, I guess. You can buy some plastic teeny-tiny toy thing for couple of euros, and it will be just that. Tiny plastic thing, barely resembling the real car, no matter how fancy your imagination.

On the other hand you can shell out couple hundred thousand euros or dollars (optimistic, I know, maybe millions would be more appropriate) and buy yourself a real Group B machine. Or, if you’re into model cars, you can look at big names in the industry and buy yourself a really amazing present. I just found mine, and I want it, I need it, I must have it. Which does not amount to anything really, at least not yet. But if you’re looking for an inspiration, a goal or something probably worth saving for, here’s a suggestion.

This beautiful piece was built by Autoart (suitable name) and it features stunning amount of detail and fidelity. Three images are here, but you can click on the link below to see the details about the car. They also have one in muddy finish, also known as the ultimate rally finish. The price is 260-ish dollars. That will buy you a lot of beer, but it will also make you think about redoing your priorities.

Autoart Lancia Delta S4

EDIT: I am a bit confused at several different websites carrying the same brand name and featuring different addresses in Contact pages, shop carefully and investigate a bit if you do.